Wall-Mounted Test Pandels
PM2 2800-rot-grau k
PM1 1800-rot-grau kPM2 2800-rot-grau kPM4 4800-rot-grau kPM5 5800-rot-grau k

MERZ offers a sophisticated range of test panels that can be mounted to a wall. These test panels comply with all current standards and regulations. These standards are as follows:

  • BGV A3 (previously VBG 4) - Accident prevention regulations of the German employers' liability insurance associations for electrical systems and equipment
  • VDE 0104 - Setup and operation of electrical test equipment
  • DIN VDE 0701-0702 Part 1- Repairing, modifying, and testing electrical devices (general requirements)
  • DIN VDE 0404-1 and 0404-2 - Testing and measuring equipment for ensuring the electrical safety of electrical devices; general requirements
  • Accessories for test panels and tool kit
  • Product image
  • In addition to a wide range of test panels and kits, MERZ also supplies the required testing accessories and individual test devices. For further details, see the provided catalogue extract.
Series PM 1 PM 2 PM 4 PM 5 PMD 2 PMD 5 PMD 7 PML 1
Rated current:  

16 A

25 A 25 A 50 A 25 A 50 A 25 A 16 A
Power connection:   Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminals
  5 x 4 mm2 5 x 4 mm2 5 x 4 mm2 5 x 10 mm2 5 x 4 mm2 5 x 10 mm2 5 x 4 mm2 3,1,5 mm²
Safety testing on:                  
Single-phase devices  x x x x x x x x
Three-phase devices   x x x x x x x
Test connectors:                
Safety contact 16A 3p 230V x x x x x x x x
CEE 16A 3p 230V   x x x x x x x
CEE 16A 5p 400V x x x x x x x x
CEE 32A 5p 400V   x x x x x x x x
CEE 63A 5p 400V         x   x   x
Perilex 16A 5p 400V x x x x x x x  
Safety jacks 3p/N/PE 16A x x x x x x x  
Rubber Connector               x
Mains/Tester changeover switch   x x x x x x  
Phase changeover switch x x x x x x x  
Current measurement ranges 0-15/30A 0-1A, 0-6A 0-1A, 0-6A 0-1A, 0-6A max. 25A max. 50A max. 25A  
  (Ws) 0-25A 0-25A 0-25A, 0-50A        
Operating voltage 0-400V 0-400V 0-400V 0-400V 0-400V 0-400V 0-400V  
Mulit-function meter         x x    
Low-voltage measurement ranges 0-15/0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V 0-10V, 0-60V  
Low-voltage current     0-6A 0-6A        
Extension cable testing:
Continuity, Phase, Short circuit
Low-voltage power supply:                
3-5-8-12-24-42-48V AC (100VA) x x     x x x  
variable 0-48V AC (100VA)     x x        
0-42V DC (4A)     x x        
Continuity testing:                
optical  x x x x x x x x
acoustic x x x x x x x  
Working socket:                
Safety contact 16A 3p 230V x x x x x x x  


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