TIPOLIFT – lift systems for furniture

TIPOLIFT is the practical three-stage lift for sewing machine furniture, conference and office furniture as well as individual furniture from the carpenter. – Let devices and objects appear or disappear with ease!


Customer information:

What HÄUSSER was, was also MERZ before: Tipmatic turns into TIPOLIFT!

In Rudersberg, the company Horst Häusser Metallwaren GmbH distributed the TIPOLIFT lift systems under the brand name Tipmatic and mainly supplied manufacturers of sewing machine furniture over a long period of time. Now Häusser ended its operation.

Everything stays at its best! The product series gets continued from the MERZ GMBH in the same high quality. We know the lift components very well, because we have produced them as a supplier for the Horst Häusser Metallwaren GmbH for many years.

The MERZ GMBH is a large and efficient company in the highly professional field of sheet metal technology. We take pride in continuing the Tipmatic range under the name TIPOLIFT. You can still obtain the established lifts for the manufacturing of your products. Only change: You receive the lifts from us, as of now!

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TIPOLIFT – product information:


Our lifts consist of – to put it simply – three main components:

The guide rail
The length of the guide rail determines the lifting height an object can reach. As a standard are the following lengths of the guide rail available: 490 mm, 500 mm, 550 mm and 570 mm. Other lengths can be provided upon request. The standard surface is galvanized zinc; other colors are possible on request.


The table
The “table” consists of two support brackets and a double angle. The latter serves for the mounting of a plate, on what the moving object is fixed. The table drives up and down on the guide rail. The standard height is 123 mm. The table is in RAL 7035 or RAL 1015 powder-coated. Other coating colors are possible.

The gas spring
The movement of the TIPOLIFT is powered by a gas spring. Standard versions are 400 N, 500 N and 575 N. Other types are possible on request.

In order to configure your TIPOLIFT optimally, we only need from you the weight and the height of the object what shall be moved with the TIPOLIFT. Moreover, the maximum length of the guide rail what can be installed in your furniture.

Your request

Which type of the lift is the right one for you? – Talk to us!
The MERZ GMBH exactly carries out the TIPOLIFT version you need!

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Sales lift systems

Yvonne Kosztovits
Tel. +49 (0) 7971 – 252-472

More than just a sewing machine lift!

Our TIPOLIFT lift systems are most of all in demand worldwide when it comes to the field of sewing machine furniture with sewing machines. Large manufacturers as before the company Horn Collection GmbH, Germany from Rudersberg and their independent subsidiaries in Great Britain, the US and Australia rely on our solution.

Not only well-known manufacturers of sewing machine furniture use the TIPOLIFT for their products. Also in conference and office furniture, it performs valuable services. And as well for all individual productions from the carpenter is the TIPOLIFT the ideal, functional and comfortable solution!

Various devices or objects can be integrated in the furniture. You need a device, it is driven out of the table as if by magic – you want it gone, it is easily retractable and the complete work space is available again.

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